Dragon Rider

The money godling is almost done and will be making the trip to Burning Man this year… but got distracted by a different project when I saw the Craig’s list add for this bike:


What I’m doing is turning it into a dragon:


With wings:


ImageOK, that last one isn’t the best picture, and it just giving an idea of what it may look like when finished. I’ve basically made a mount for 4 1/4″ steel rods that will form the “fingers” of the dragon’s wings and I’ve got some white mesh with shiny silver stuff on it to make the “skin” between the fingers.

It sparkly silver should gitter in the sunlight with wind blowing it. For night, I’m planning to use some color changing leds to light it.

2 thoughts on “Dragon Rider

  1. What’s up dood! I’m making it back this year are you? I made my trialier, but it’s not a clock it’s a bass trailer! Any way I’m camping with the Ome crew at 845 and something, hope to see you out there

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