Update on Art Car

We have been refining the idea for the art car. The pictures below show how we expect to put a brick facade on the outside, paneling on the inside, and curtains. We also expect to mount the chaise lounge sideways and put a couch at the back.



This should create a nice shaded space that can hold quite a few people. We expect to cruise around taking people where they want to go while they spend time on our couch. We’ll also park out on the playa somewhere pull people who wander by in.

The brain? What brain? Oh, that brain. Yes, that is a giant metallic lighted brain on top, complete with eyes. The “neural pathways” will slowly change color and will have a variety of colors at any one time. During the day, the shiny silver duct material we are going to use should reflect a lot of natural light as well, making it quite dazzling in the sun. Below is a test that gives some idea of what it may look like.


We have also started working on the car itself. Doing some cleaning and repairs. Looks like it will work out well for our intended use.

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